The King and I!!!

Tonight is unfortunately the last nightof performances for the musical I’ve been doing this summer.  I’ve been rehearsing the King and I for a couple months now with about 10 people my age and older and 58 kids that are from kindergarten to 5th grade.  I’m going to miss everyone sooomuch… anyway, the King and I is a musical about a teacher from England who comes to Siam to teach the King’s children.  Throughout the musical, the King and teacher grow to get along with each other. Has anyone ever heard of it? It really is a great musical…

Sorry :(

I haven’t posted a blog lately.  Actually, I have to admit it’s been a while.  The school year is wrapping up and I have been really busy lately.  Keep posting comments because I’ll be writing!    -Katie


Hey guys. guess what? I just got a new recording studio in my own room. It is complete with the cool microphone(which is the best part). My friend and I started recording a really funny radio -type thing. I’m going to start recording my songs and post them up in a little while. Talk to ya later. -katie

Super Powers

I was tagged by my friends megan and mallorie and this is what they asked me…

If you could have one super power, what would it be?

I’d have to say that if I could chose what kind of superpower I would have it would be super speed.  I could do everything really fast and get so much more fit in to my day.  I would be able to run aroun the world in a day and meet people of all different cultures. 

The one superpower  I wouldn’t want is super strength because I would probably end up breaking a lot of things.

7 things that you probably don’t know about me

1. My favorite number is 7 ( thats why I chose seven for the number of things you probably don’t know about me)

2. Most of my family lives in Ireland.

3. I have a fear of lobsters.

4. I have a little brother.

5. My favorite holiday is St. Patricks day because I always dress all in green and it’s really fun.

6. If I were to make one wish it would be to get a dog ( my bro’s allergic)

7. My favorite colors are purple, pink, and lime green

                                              (I did this post because I was bored)           -katie 🙂


Hey have you ever done something bad and want to rewind and play back again so bad that you would do anything to do it? Well that’s how I feel right now.  I completely let my friends down by not going to their musical.  It’s not like I forgot or anything. I wasn’t allowed to. I was grounded.  Any way, my friends say it’s nothing but they mean a lot to me and I feel like they might think that they do everthing for me but I just blow them off.  I wanted to go to that musical soooooo bad.  Not only because it wold have been tons of fun, but that I wasn’t there for them.       -Katie 🙁        

Superspanadus Tendonitis:(

I went to the doctor the other day because both o0f my shoulders were killing me (swimming).  The doctor said that it was called superspanadus tendonitis.  It’s when your muscle called the superspanadus is rubbing against your shoulder bone making it hurt.  ALL I KNOW IS THAT IT HURTS!!!!!!!  When I went, the doctor was saying all these terms and stuff I didn’t know.  My mom had to explain it to me on the car ride home.  Then I understood it. 


I’ve officially found the best hobby for anyone to ever take on.  It is songwriting!!  I have written three songs and one of them was with my friend.  At first, it was really hard but after you write one song it gets a lot easier.  Soon, my basement is becomeing a recording studio/stage and I’m going to start recording the songs that I wrote and make an album!!!! I’m so excited.  The things I wrote about are completely secret because you have to listen to the song to understand the emotion of it.  Has anyone here ever written a song?  Trust me, after you have sucessfully written a song, it is the best feeling EVER!!

Keep commenting  -Katie:)